See the Downloads Page for information on the latest versions by Lyndel McGee.
This page only deals with older versions before Lyndel took over development.

Super-Nudelist: History

26/May/2001: Super-Nudelist Beta 11 (

  • Fixed: Automatic name cropping would sometimes crop too much. (Stupid bug where it wasn't updating the width when removing spaces between words.)
  • Added: Implemented preview in the CSV import/export dialog. Please test!
  • Added: A warning message is now displayed if any lists were not output due to being empty.
  • Added: You can now cancel the device resolution dialog to abort list creation.
  • Fixed: Newly openned windows are kept on screen rather than openning partially over the edge if their parent window is near or over the edge itself.

12/May/2001: ProntoEdit / RC5000Setup Stack Increaser (

  • Now patches RC5000Setup 2.0 & 2.2 executables as well as ProntoEdit 1.05 & 2.0.

5/May/2001: Super-Nudelist Beta 10 (

  • Added: The main window now provides the ability to specify a maximum number of panels per device. Lists which require more panels are automatically split into multiple devices. This may help if you are experiencing problems with ProntoEdit or the remote itself crashing.
  • Added: In the List dialog there is now an option to turn off the links at the bottom of each panel. If you do this the text will still appear there but pressing it won't do anything. Since this reduces the number of jumps and cross-references in the CCF file it can help in combination with the new panel limiter if you are having problems with large lists.
  • Fixed: CSV Export used to crash if any item contained a double-quote character (doh!). CSV Import used to get confused (but not crash) by quoted items.
  • Changed: Empty lists no longer add empty devices.

4/May/2001: Super-Nudelist Beta 9 (

  • Changed: "Super-Nudelist devices" are now called "players" to avoid confusion with ProntoEdit devices.
  • Changed: Device Button Mappings are now shown in a list.
  • Added: Window sizes are now saved to and restored from the registry.
  • Added: There are now separate after-track button mappings for 1 and 2 digit track numbers.
  • Added: Import and Export dialogs now remember their settings.
  • Added: Support for Olivier's CCFDll version 0.95, which should be on Remote Central soon. Previous versions of Super-Nudelist will not work with the new DLL due to a slight change in the interface.
  • Added: Now searches for the CCFDll using the path added to the registry by the CCF Tools installer. (Thanks for the tip Olivier!) Provided you've installed a CCF Tools package which came with an installer, you don't have to have a copy of the CCFDll with Super-Nudelist anymore. However, if you need to use a particular version of the DLL, one found in the Super-Nudelist directory will take precedence.
  • Added: Slot report tool has a new page which lists all discs sorted by device and number.
  • Added: Checkbox on the List dialog to toggle the name-truncation feature added in beta 8.
  • Fixed: CSV export was incorrectly including the player's short name in the disc number field. It would also crash if any player was not yet resolved, for example if you exported after deleting a player.

29/Apr/2001: ProntoEdit / RC5000Setup Stack Increaser (

  • This new utility will hopefully fix the problems people have been having loading extremely large files.

29/Apr/2001: Super-Nudelist Beta 8 (

  • Note: The large-files problem still exists. It's 6am and I'm going to bed :-/.
  • Added: Titles are now automatically truncated so that they fit the available space in the Pronto. Thanks to Wolfgang Scheele for taking the time to calculate the character widths!
  • Added: A progress bar is displayed and updated during compilation. Good for those huge CCF files. :-)
  • Added: Log output from the CCFDll is now filtered. Super-Nudelist removes the "Analyzing xxx (line yyy)" messages so the log is easier to read when there are errors. The XML checking "errors" are also removed as they confused a few people and are perfectly normal.
  • Fixed: CSF path resolution is now case-sensitive, with specific error messages if devices, panels or buttons can be found but not by exact match.
  • Fixed: Dangling Jump Removal is now case-sensitive. This fixes the compilation errors which would occur if you had manually added jumps to a CD List and then renamed it by only changing the case of the name. Such jumps will be deleted.
  • Fixed: Spelling mistake ("existant") in three places.
  • Fixed: Changed "CCF DLL" to "CCFDll" in two places.
  • Changed: Now requires CCFDll 0.93 (everyone should have this by now).

22/Apr/2001: Super-Nudelist Beta 7 (

  • Note: The potentially large files which result from complete track lists for hundreds of CDs seem to be causing problems for some people when the CCF is loaded in ProntoEdit/RC5000Setup. We are investigating the problem. For now you may need to turn off track lists for your list or for some of your CDs or you may want to split your list in two (easier to do by editing the XML directly, if you are familiar with the format). Hopefully this will be fixed in Beta 8.
  • Added: Import and export of CSV (comma-separated values) files. Before using this, I recommend you backup the two XML files in the SN_Config directory, just in case it trashes your list.
  • Added: Import and export of Super-Nudelist XML files. (Not really that useful since you can just copy the files in SN_Config.)
  • Added: Discs now have optional short names which are used on the prev/next buttons at the bottom when at track level.
  • Added: Updated to LibXML version 2.3.6.
  • Fixed: Track-only lists are now properly sorted by title. (Not tested.)
  • Fixed: Title lines for unnamed tracks now appear properly.
  • Fixed: Disc-numbers no longer go away if there are tracks in the list.
  • Fixed: Removed from artist dialog the now-bogus note about lists with only one artist.
  • Fixed: When you open the lists dialog the root "Lists" node is now selected and visible. Previously the last list would be selected and at the top and this was silly for people with multiple lists.

9/Apr/2001: Super-Nudelist Beta 6 (

  • ADDED: Re-written layout code to be more flexible and consistent. One elegant, generic function has replaced about five messy ones. This was a MAJOR change so there may be bugs in this version. Re-writing the layout code was the only sensible way to include track lists.
  • ADDED: Support for track lists. Super-Nudelist devices have new fields to specify before-track and after-track buttons if you need them. In the case of before-track, you can specify different buttons depending on whether the track number has one or two digits. (My Sony jukebox only needs the ">10" button pressing before 2-digit track numbers.) You can also specify the delay between disc and track commands, although this is only used when you have the list set to send disc commands at the track level. Edit a disc to add tracks to it. If you set "ignore all tracks" on a disc it will act as if no tracks are defined for it which is as in the old version unless you change the shown list levels (see below). The "ignore all tracks" feature allows you to have track information in the database for discs that you don't actually want tracks listed for in the Pronto, to save memory or whatever. CSV import with support for tracks should be added in the next beta. CDDB querying is something I want for myself and may be added in the future but isn't currently a high priority.
  • NOTE: The Device dialog may not fit very well on 640*480 screens now. I plan to make the Button Mappings part use a list rather than a bunch of buttons so the problem should go away and it won't look so lame either.
  • ADDED: Having an alphabet imposes sorting on the items below it rather than the old implicit alphabet removal.
  • ADDED: You can now choose the levels shown in each list via a drop-down in the Edit List dialog. Options are:
    • Letters -> Artists -> Discs -> Tracks
    • Letters -> Artists -> Discs
    • Letters -> Artists -> Track
    • Letters -> Discs -> Tracks
    • Letters -> Discs
    • Letters -> Tracks
    • Artists -> Discs -> Tracks
    • Artists -> Discs
    • Artists -> Tracks
    • Discs -> Tracks
    • Discs
    • Tracks
  • ADDED: If tracks are included you can specify whether you want to jump or not after a track selection. I figure most people will want to keep the track list visible but it's up to you.
  • ADDED: If both tracks and discs are included you can specify whether disc selection should happen as soon as a disc is chosen or delayed until track selection and sent as one command. The track-delay for Super-Nudelist devices is only included if you delay until track selection; otherwise you should wait for the disc to start playing before picking a track, if your changer itself requires that. Of course, if you delay discs until track selection you'll have a bigger CCF file and it will be slower to pick a second track on the same CD since the CD command will be sent again.
  • ADDED: You can now choose how list items are spaced out. Options are:
    • New page for every item -- The way it has always been before with a page break before every heading.
    • Space between items -- A gap is added before each heading. If there is only enough room for the heading itself a page break is added.
    • Space, if item fits -- A gap is added before each heading. If there isn't enough room for the complete heading and all of its items a page break is added.
    • No space between items -- No gap added before each heading. If there is only enough room for the heading itself a page break is added.
    • No space, if item fits -- No gap added before each heading. If there isn't enough space for the complete heading and all of its items a page break is added.
  • FIXED: The new layout code fixes the bug where without an alphabet panel you could get a gratuitous page break with only one artist on the following page.

20/Feb/2001: Super-Nudelist Beta 5 (

  • FIXED: Major bug which caused deletion of jumps to devices and panels with names that contained "special" characters. "Special" being "/", the Pronto-font characters and a couple of others. Problems generating lists with names containing such characters are also gone.
  • FIXED: With a disc selected, adding another disc under the same artist adds the new disc below the selected one. Adding further discs under the same artist was continuing to add below the originally selected disc rather than the most recently added disc.
  • FIXED: Previously, CCF items (buttons/panels/devices) with ")" or "," in their names could be ignored or cause problems.
  • FIXED: Credits page centring.
  • CHANGED: When a list is selected, the Add button now does Add Disc rather than Add Artist. (Artists are now always created from the disc dialog.)
  • CHANGED: Alphabet buttons and ">>" buttons (always) use larger font.
  • ADDED: List option to use larger font. (10-point font still fits but fewer characters fit.) (Disc numbers on buttons remain 8-point.)
  • ADDED: List option to make all panels hidden.

29/Dec/2000: Super-Nudelist Beta 4 (

  • Note: The to-do list has changed a bit. If you're still waiting for a feature, please check that it is still on the list.
  • Note: I'd like to put online some example CCF files that use Super-Nudelist. If you make something that isn't a simple CD list, please send me your CCF.
  • Note: There have been some big changes this time so there could be some bugs lurking.
  • Added: Ability to configure hard buttons of list devices. (Select a list and click the edit button.)
  • Added: If your list has only one artist/category, the artist/category level is skipped completely.
  • Added: Option to remove alphabet level.
  • FIXED: The alphabet level is implicitly removed if either (a) you have multiple artists/categories and their "Keep Sorted" flag is not set or (b) you have one artist/category and its discs' "Keep Sorted" flag is not set.
  • Note: As a result of the changes above you now have four options:
    1. Alphabet->Artists->Discs (multiple artists which are kept sorted)
    2. Alphabet->Discs (only one artist; discs are kept sorted)
    3. Artists->Discs (multiple artists; alphabet disabled or artists not kept sorted)
    4. Discs (only one artist; alphabet disabled or discs not kept sorted)
    Levels with no parent also have no page breaks and their lists are more compact but less structured.
  • FIXED: Artists and Discs with names that don't start with a letter are sorted before those that do. This fixes a long-standing bug (since the original Nudelist) which confused the alphabet panel. Also, symbolic characters at the start of names are no longer skipped when deciding under which alphabet letter a name belongs: If a name starts with a non-letter it is grouped in with the numbers and symbols. If you don't like where something is sorted, give it a "Sort As" name.
  • Added: When importing legacy Nudelist files, album names starting with "The" have suitable "Sort As" names automatically generated. (Previously this was done only for Artist names.)
  • Added: ">>" label on continuation buttons so their meaning is more clear. (Also "<<" label on new backtrack buttons which are used in certain situations.)

27/Dec/2000: Super-Nudelist Beta 3 (

  • FIXED: Problem when referencing buttons and panels with the "/" character in their names. (Names are now escaped exactly as found in the CSF file.)
  • FIXED: Slot Report Tool sorts with respect to Sort-As names and sorts in List,Artist,Disc order rather than sorting the combined names as one string.
  • Changed: Slot Report Tool only reports each device's high and low slots once, even if duplicates exist in the slots.
  • Added: Support for CCFDll 0.91 and above.
  • Added: Titlebar shows CCFDll version string.
  • Added: "Compress Images" option for smaller CCF files. (Requires CCFDll 0.91 or above.)
  • Added: Lists now have the option to show disc numbers on buttons. Devices now have a short name which, if defined, is prefixed to the number. With the current layout, I recommend short device names of one character (A,B,C or whatever) since there isn't much space. Of course, if you only have one device, leave the short name blank.

18/Dec/2000: Super-Nudelist Beta 2 (

  • FIXED: Crash after device resolution dialog. (e.g. When executing after importing a legacy list or deleting a Super-Nudelist device.)
  • Removed: Annoying warning about overwriting CCF files. The warning about selecting the same file for input and output should stop people losing their CCF files.
  • Added: Explicit error messages when the input file or output's path don't exist.
  • Added: More informative error message when the CCF DLL cannot be loaded.
  • Added: Check of CCF DLL version number. (This version only works with CCFDLL 0.85.)
  • Added: After replacing an old device with a new list device, any remaining jumps to panels in the old device are removed if the panels are not in the new device.
  • Added: Slot Report Tool for detecting spare slots in devices and when multiple discs are assigned the same slot in the same device.

14/Dec/2000: Super-Nudelist Beta 1 (

  • Added: Generates CD lists. This version is fully operational!
  • Added: Warning about overwriting existing CCFs. Warning about picking the same CCF for input and output, which is a very bad idea since compilation failure can mean you lose your CCF file.
  • Changed: Slight change to XML configuration files which means devices (and list link buttons and jump panels) from old configurations won't be loaded properly. Just redefine them. (CD lists get loaded fine, don't worry.)
  • FIXED: Backslash character escaped in CSF output. (Still causes problems if it's in the input. This is a CCF DLL issue but if you have problems let me know as I could make things a bit better until the DLL is updated.)

10/Dec/2000: Super-Nudelist Alpha 2

  • FIXED: Bug: Clicking Sort would check "Keep Sorted" when it wasn't really on.
  • FIXED: Bug: "unresolved remaining" indicator in Device Resolution dialog was not being updated.
  • Added: When importing, automatically generates Sort As for names starting with "The", except "The The".
  • Added: In Device Resolution dialog, number colomn is right-aligned and sorted by number, not by text.
  • Added: Device Resolution dialog artist and disc columns now sort with respect to Sort As values.
  • Added: Removed the word "list" from CSNList error messages to avoid confusion with CD lists.
  • Added: You can now type disc numbers directly. Ditto for number of pad digits and delay time.
  • Added: When adding discs, pressing the Add button adds the disc as defined and clears the name and sort-as fields ready to add another disc (also adds one to the disc number). Press Close to stop adding discs.
  • Added: When adding discs, the default device is set to, in order of preference: 1) The device used by the last entry in the same artist, 2) The device used by the first entry in the same volume, 3) The first device. Exception: If you select a disc and press Add Disc the device is set to the same as that of the selected disc.
  • Added: When adding discs, the default disc number is set to one greater than the highest disc in the default device.
  • Added: When defining link buttons to lists you are now allowed to select paths with components that are not uniquely named (all matching buttons will be linked).

7/Dec/2000: Super-Nudelist Alpha 1

  • Note: This was the first publicly available version of Super-Nudelist.