See the Downloads Page for information on the latest versions by Lyndel McGee.
This page only deals with older versions before Lyndel took over development.

Super-Nudelist: To Do

Highest Priority -- Planned before Version

  • Ability to specify font colours for each type of button and frame. (For people who override the bitmaps.)
  • Move out of Beta and release Version to Remote Central.

High Priority:

  • Tool: Management (extension of DevResDlg with SetDeviceTo/MoveToList/CopyToList/Add+or-nToDiscNumbers/Delete)
  • When exporting CSV, give ability to select which lists are included. (Currently, all are.)
  • Add button to save report pages as CSV files.
  • Option to skip levels with only one thing. e.g. An artist only has one disc, so play the disc when the artist is clicked.

Medium Priority:

  • Import and Export of Access DB files. Anyone able to help with this?
  • Option to add to track panels a button to jump to disc's device. (Mainly for when Jump After Track is turned off.)
  • Option for DTonks-style border around the output.
  • CDDB support. (Actually, a similar service rather than CDDB itself as the CDDB has been taken over by Gracenote, a bunch of money-hungry bastards who have imposed ridiculous licensing requirements on a library build from public submissions and who can suck my ass on a daily basis. Thanks.)
  • Way to specify the "main panel" as a jump for devices, lists and hard buttons.
  • Options for alphabet page designs like in alan1.ccf, Test001.ccf (can probably be done with a simple BMP override) and Paneldesign.ccf (which contains two ideas).
  • Move temp directory to standard temp directory. Do something about config directory.
  • Automatic rolling backups of Library XML file.
  • Program alternative layouts or a generic layout system. If you have a design which you'd like to see, send it to me.
  • Version number and credits page are absent if alphabet panel is not written.
  • Support for unconventional changers: Instead of buttons for each digit, people can define (lists of) buttons for each slot number.
  • Ability to sort all discs in all artists without sorting under each artist individually.
  • Ability to have the same disc referenced several places (in the same list and in other lists) so that changing one changes all. (Maybe just keep a record saying "same as xxx and yyy and..." and a button which makes the disc unique. Changes to one disc are applied to all.)
  • When editing a name, provide a way to see whether it will fit in the area it will end up in.

Low priority:

  • Investigate possible benefits of clever, automatic "compression" of disc macros. "1,2,3" -> "(1,2),3" and "1,2,4" -> "(1,2),4" type of thing.
  • Cannot alias to devices (if device aliases enabled) or to home panel (if device aliases disabled).
  • Cannot alias or jump to macro groups or panels/buttons in macro groups.
  • Cannot create links from buttons on the home panel.
  • CSNList class could be more robust if it used a std::map to get from a TListObject pointer to its index (and unique name flag).
  • CSNList class could be faster: It seems to scale fine to 1000 elements, but is far too slow with 10000. Unless someone has thousands of CDs by the same artist -- or thousands of artists -- it should be okay. Something to improve when there's time. Could use std::list now that I've finally worked out a semi-reliable way to get it to sort (arbitrarily) with Microsoft's load-of-crap compiler and documentation.
  • Use std::map instead of Microsoft's appalling Get/SetItemDataPtr system (fixed to 32-bit pointers and returns (-1) on error, which is a perfectly valid pointer AFAIK and requires a nasty (int) cast). Ditto Get/SetItemData which is fixed to 32-bits and thus bad taste. Maps are already used in the main list dialog but not in some of the others.
  • Definable bitmaps for artists and discs.
  • Right-click menus.
  • Help buttons.
  • Uninstall. (If you want to uninstall, delete the program file etc. and delete HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Nudel\Nudelist from the registry. That's it.)
  • When defining hard buttons you cannot add delays between commands. (This isn't ProntoEdit, dammit. :-) You can still alias to buttons containing delays so do that if you need them.)
  • Test with BoundsChecker. (Issues getting BC to behave while CCFDll is loaded.)