Latest Version

  • Lyndel McGee has taken over on-going development of Super-Nudelist and has done a great job adding significant new features such as support for colour remote controls.
  • The latest version of Super-Nudelist, including Lyndel's changes, can be found at Remote Central.
  • The files linked below are the last versions which I (Leo) released and are NOT the latest versions.

Old Downloads (SEE ABOVE)

Super-Nudelist Beta 11 -- version

  • (414k) (PGP signature)

    Installation: After unpacking, it is recommended that you copy SuperNudelist.exe to C:\Program Files\SuperNudelist and, if you like, drag a shortcut to your Start Menu.

    CCFDll: Super-Nudelist requires Olivier Couvreur's CCFDll which is part of the CCF Tools package available from Remote Central. Super-Nudelist will automatically find the DLL after you have run the CCF Tools installer; it no longer needs to be copied to the same directory.

    Backups: To create backup copies of your CD lists use the export-to-XML feature or simply copy the SN_Config directory to a safe place. CD lists in CCF files output by Super-Nudelist cannot be imported; you must keep your configuration safe.

    Please report bugs to me.

    Please read the to-do list.

    If it's your first night at Fight Club, you have to fight.

ProntoEdit / RC5000Setup Stack Increaser -- version

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    Warning: This program is experimental! Use at your own risk. It works for me but maybe it'll open a portal to another dimension when you use it.

    Patches the following:

    • ProntoEdit 1.05
    • ProntoEdit 2.0
    • RC5000Setup 2.0
    • RC5000Setup 2.2
    • RC5000Setup 2.3
    • Touch Screen Setup 1.0.14
    Send me other executables and I will update the utility to patch them as well.

    This small utility may help if you are finding that extremely large CCF files, as can be generated by Super-Nudelist, are causing crashes when you double-click on them. It will patch your ProntoEdit or RC5000Setup executable to increase the amount of system stack it allocates.

    (It recognises which file you have using md5 and then changes a few bytes to do the equivalent of "EditBin /stack:10240000 file.exe".)

C++ Source Code (Useful to programmers only.)


  • Super-Nudelist program code by Nudel.
  • CCFDll by Olivier Couvreur.
  • Default button graphics based on the work of Daniel Tonks.
  • Additional credit and thanks to:
    Doug Wall, for sponsoring the addition of track list support;
    Wolfgang Scheele, for calculating the Pronto Font character widths.
  • Thanks to the following members of the Pronto community for suggestions, bug reports and favours:
    Alan Keller Barrie Bulin Bob Heisner Bob
    Christopher Green Danny Dimitrius Weddington Doug Henkel
    Gary Eckhardt George Fournaris Greg (Nipper) Greg Schwabacher
    Greg Harley Park Harris Berger Harvey Gordin
    Jay Jones Jeff Bernardis Jeff Blair Jeff Jarmoc
    John Gibbons John Mitroka Ken Hutch Kevin Ziegler
    Korey Sherwin Kurt Hammel Leo Greene Matt Johnson
    Michael Berger Michael Gebbia Mike Loiterman Mike Woodhall
    Ron Wijkowski Sean Lowrey Stephen Baime Steve Watts
    Tapas Das Todd Brady Tom Lally Tony & Sher

    If I missed you out or messed up your name please drop me a line because it's not on purpose! If I listed you twice because you don't always use your second name then aren't you lucky? :-)
  • Thanks also to all the other people who have taken the time to e-mail and say they found the program useful. That's what keeps a project like this going.