Super-Nudelist: Screenshots

ProntoEmulator screenshots
  • Full-size example -- What the results look like in a Pronto.
  • Disc numbers -- Optionally, disc numbers and devices can be indicated on their buttons.
Super-Nudelist GUI screenshots

Tree and Slot Report

List, Artist and Disc editors

Device Editors

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C++ Source Code

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Pronto CCF file

Super-Nudelist: Features

  • Lyndel McGee has taken over on-going development of Super-Nudelist and has done a great job adding significant new features such as support for colour remote controls.
  • The latest version of Super-Nudelist, including Lyndel's changes, can be found at Remote Central.
  • Free. (But if you make a lot of money using Super-Nudelist to customise people's devices, I'd appreciate something in return.)
  • Complete GUI operation. No messing with command-lines, scripts, or text files.
  • Lists probably take up less Pronto memory than you think.
  • Having made your list, adding newly purchased discs to your Pronto should take you a matter of seconds. Doing it by hand isn't even worth thinking about!
  • The program can tell you where your spare slots are to save you searching for them. It can also tell you when you have accidentally assigned two discs to the same slot.
  • Should work with all jukeboxes which can be controlled by the Pronto. Tries to guess buttons from existing Pronto devices, but manual configuration is possible.
  • Lists can mix-and-match items from multiple devices. For example, a single list could contain discs from several separate CD and DVD jukeboxes, provided they can all be selected independently.
  • You can create as many lists as you want. For example, you could have two separate DVD and CD lists as well as a single list containing your favourite DVDs and CDs for quick access.
  • Lists can be sorted or arbitrarily ordered, with separate settings for artist/category levels and disc levels. Additionally, you can specify alternative names for sorting, for example if you wish to either sort "Lastname,Firstname" or ignore the word "the" at the start of names, without changing the visible label of items.
  • CD track-list support with any (sensible :-)) combination of Alphabet, Artist, Disc and Track levels.
  • Innovative layout provides up to ten discs per page with labels wide enough to fit almost any disc title.and without buttons so small that you can't reliably select anything.
  • You can configure jumps so that after selecting a disc in CD Player One the Pronto will jump to the panel for controlling CD Player One.
  • Full support for the Pronto font (although, as usual, symbols probably won't show up in certain places on the actual Pronto due to limitations of the fonts in the hardware).
  • Can import and export CSV (comma-separated values) files as well as its native XML format.
  • Can import legacy Nudelist CD lists.
  • Can display disc numbers on buttons to help when you're replacing discs. Can also indicate devices for those with more than one.
  • Lists can be completely flat or be structured by alphabetic index and/or artist/category. Some situations suit more structure than others.
  • Disc lists saved as XML (example).
  • C++ source code available.