Super-Nudelist: List Usage

Note: The image below needs minor updates to reflect Super-Nudelist's custom sort-as strings. For example, entries starting with "the" need not be sorted together. Also, it is possible to generate lists without alphabet or artist levels. It also doesn't show that CD track lists can be included.

CD List navigation

If you've linked any buttons from your existing devices, pressing them will take you to their corresponding list device. If you didn't, you can still move to the list devices manually via Pronto's device menu in the usual way.

The first panel of a list device shows an alphabet. Only those letters which you have artists/categories under will be active; buttons for the other letters are always there, unlabled and inactive, so the layout is unchanged when you add new artists/categories under previously unused letters.

Pressing a letter will take you to a list of artists/categories starting with that letter. From there, press the main letter header at the top of the panel to go back to the alphabet or select an artist/category using the buttons on either side of the screen. You can move through the letters using the normal scroll buttons and also by pressing the small bar at the bottom of the panel, which is quicker.

If a letter has more than 10 entries under it, each full page will have a faded final entry which moves you on. The main header at the top of follow-up pages takes you back to the previous page rather than the parent alphabet page.

After selecting an artist/category you'll be given a list of discs. The disc lists look and behave the same as the artist/category lists except that when you select an item the Pronto will tell your device(s) to play it and can then optionally jump to a user-defined panel. Pressing the artist/category header will take you back to the parent page from which the artist/category was selected. Similar rules to those above apply when an artist/category contains more than 10 discs.