Super-Nudelist: Getting Started

Once Super-Nudelist is loaded, the first thing to do is create a "device". Super-Nudelist devices define which buttons (from your existing CCF) get pressed to play a disc in the jukebox they represent. Click the Devices button and then Add. If you have more than one jukebox, repeat.

After that, click the Lists button and then press Add List. Give your list a name, like "CD List". (You can have more than one list if you like.) If you want buttons in your exsting CCF to jump to the list, add them in the "Links To This List" section. After adding a list, select it and click Add Artist and enter the name of the artist (or category) that you want to add your first CD under. With the artist selected, click Add Disc. You can now enter disc titles and numbers until you're done. While adding discs you can add new artists by clicking the New button; you don't have to go back to the tree view to create each artist.

Finally, press Execute on the main page and you should be able to use your new CCF.

I've left out a few details but I hope everything is clear enough to get you started. Let me know if you have any problems.

See also Michael Berger's excellent RC/Pronto forum post. Beware that some of the file links have changed since his post.