GTA3 Hidden Sign

Staunton Island Hidden Area

Several people have mailed to ask where this is.

To find the sign you have to climb over the wall in the behind-the-buildings area where the mission with the mad bombmen takes place.

Still haven't found it?

Drive south along the west edge of Staunton Island -- that's the second island -- until the bit where the lower road comes up to meet the other roads.

Turn left at the end of the road and you'll see the building which has the carpark behind it.

Drive along past the normal, ground-level entrace to the carpark to the place where you can see some steps going up (just past the pillars) and the entrance to another, underground carpark (left of the pillars).

Drive past the pillars and up the steps

This is the hard part. You have to get your car to stop so that it is perched at the top of the steps with its front wheels on the little wall. A Stinger seems to have wheels in the right places to do this more easily than other cars and you can usually find one in the carpark. If you drive up too slowly you'll stall on the steps. If you go too fast you'll fly into the carpark and probably land on your roof. Experiment with driving up with a fair amount of speed and then hitting the breaks near the top.

This hidden sign is directly across the carpark from here but don't worry about that for now.

Something else to note about this place is that if you look to your left there is another enclosed area which you can jump into. (I think the wall is low enough for you to climb on an ambulance and jump over it, but I can't remember how I got in there.) There isn't a hidden message in there but there's a useful item like a weapon or something.

Now jump on to the small wall and face the car. Be sure to face the car using the force-camera-behind button and careful movements, or the right stick's first-person view, so that you don't fall off attempting the next step.

Run along the wall and jump on to the hood of the car. Then walk on to the car's roof and face the corner of the sloping wall.

Jump on to the sloping wall. You'll probably find it's easier than it looks. Press forwards and jump at the same time and you should be there.

Walk along in the direction you were facing, towards the trees at the end.

Jump down to where the trees are and follow the area round past more trees and fire-escapes. You'll walk past a ramp, which is your way out, and you should find the hidden message near the corner on the other side of a wall which surrounds the carpark.

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